E-Verify Service

E-Verify refers the electronic verification in order to confirm employment eligibility. In this Internet-based system, the data from employees I-9 form is compared to the data stored in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Database. As we know, the form I-9 is for verification of the eligibility of an employee for a particular type of employment.

The reason why the E-Verify system has gained a lot of popularity is because of its accuracy and speed. The E-Verify process takes very little time (as less as a few seconds) to verify the I-9 data with the actual government databases.

Facts about E-Verify

  • This system of Federal Government is very popular amongst employers of all sizes and is ranked high in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • More than 6,00,000 employees have used the E-Verify system all over the world, so far. Additionally, most hiring sites use this system too.

Requirements of E-Verify

  • SSN (Social Security Number) is mandatory.
  • Photo identity document is required.
  • Voluntary for most businesses.

E-Verify Process

1.Initially the I-9 form is filled by the employee and the employer for the purpose of employment eligibility verification.
2.Employer then makes use of the E-Verify system to verify the I-9 form data.
3.During the verification process, E-Verify, Internet-based system compares the form information with that of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security database and Social security database.

E-Verify compares the following details and information with the database records of the Federal Government’s database:

  • S. Passport and Visa Details
  • Immigration and Naturalization records
  • State-Issued Driver’s licences and identity document information
  • Social Security Information

Source of Information: www.uscis.gov